Cats from Arure {La Gomera}

holiday destinations for cat lovers
holiday destinations for cat lovers
holiday destinations for cat lovers
holiday destinations for cat lovers
holiday destinations for cat lovers
holiday destinations for cat lovers

La Gomera is the second-smallest of the seven Canary Islands. It's only 20 kilometers long and 20 kilometers wide. Most tourists here are daytrippers from Tenerife who want to discover the dramatic landscapes and quiet mountain villages of La Gomera. One of the most popular walks is in Arure, because it gives a sense of adventure as you have to climb several boulders, ledges, and cliffs before arriving at a beautiful waterfall. Not many people know, though, that this volcanic island is also a holiday destination for cat lovers. Generally, most tourists don't like the many stray cats of La Gomera (most of which are being spayed and neutered by Pro Animal Gomera). But if you love to hike and enjoy beautiful scenery in the company of a bunch of cats, La Gomera may be right up your alley. 

 Cat pictures by Claudia Mannes (check out her blog post Cats of La Gomera for more cats on this island). 

 P.S. Have you seen Claudia Mannes' cat pictures fom Deià, Mallorca?

Cat from Brussels {Belgium}

cat pictures brussels
cat in a cute position
galerie du roi

I spent the past three weeks at the Offscreen Film Festival in Brussels where I introduced several of their movies. Near the festival, in the Galerie du Roi, I saw this tuxedo kitty entertaining the guests of Mokafe as they were enjoying their Belgian waffles and coffee. The cat is the tavern's most regular client.

Cats from Hiriwadunna {Sri Lanka}

kitten playing with onions at an onion farm in Hiriwadunna
cats love coconut milk
paradise for cat lovers

“Hiriwadunna is a paradise for cat lovers like me,” says travel blogger Laurel Robbins

 The first kitty she encountered during her Hiriwadunna Village Trek tour was on an onion farm. “Hiriwadunna is a village of approximately 2500 people. While I can't say that cows outnumber people here, I can say that onions do. And if you happen to be one of the cats living there, you have the added bonus of always having toys to play with!” 

 Laurel encountered a second cat on after climbing a coconut tree. “As we dug into our coconut milk straight from the coconut, I learned that cats love coconut milk! This guy couldn’t get enough!” 

 But it was only when Laurel met the cats that live with an elephant scarer, that she knew that Hiriwadunna is a paradise for cat lovers (In case you're wondering, an elephant scarer is a farmer who prevents elephants from decimating the crop by standing guard all night in a watch tower and yelling when any elephants approach). 

 Laurel stayed at the nearby Chaaya Village Habarana, or if you want something truly luxurious, she also recommends Cinnamon Lodge Habarana. The Hiriwadunna Village Trek benefits the surrounding communities by providing self employment and partnership opportunities. 

 What do you think of Laurel's trip and photography? Definitely check out her blog Monkeys and Mountains for more beautiful travel stories and pictures.

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