October 24, 2014

Cat from Toronto {Canada}

mclovin miracle cat toronto
mclovin cat
cat in subway toronto
cat in subway

Inhabitants of Toronto, Canada, will probably have met Leslie Noel and his cat McLovin (named after the Superbad character). Leslie Noel found McLovin three years ago when he was looking to rent an apartment. The landlord offered him a room and found McLovin locked inside. "I'm not going to take this room, I'm going to take this cat," Leslie Noel said. They have since become inseparable and take regular subway train rides together. "He's the only thing I have," he adds. "He's my baby; he's like my child. When I'm crying, he licks my tears. When I have bad dreams he wakes me up. He's a miracle cat."
Cat pictures and story by: Toronto Life

October 22, 2014

October 20, 2014

Cats from Buenos Aires {Argentina}

recoleta cemetery cats
cats buenos aires recoleta
cats recoleta cemetery
recoleta cats
recoleta cemetery buenos aires
famous cemetery buenos aires
cats recoleta buenos aires
cats recoleta cemetery buenos aires
cats recoleta
recoleta cemetery cats buenos aires
cats buenos aires cemetery
recoleta cats buenos aires
recoleta cemetery
recoleta argentina
cats buenos aires recoleta cemetery argentina

Traveling cats at the famous Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Known for its beautiful architecture and many cats, the cemetery is one of the most striking sights of the capital. La Recoleta was originally a monastery outside the city. When the monks left in the nineteenth century, it became the first public cemetery of Buenos Aires. It turned into an exclusive graveyard for the wealthy as many rich citizens fled to this part of town to flee the yellow fever.
Cat pictures by: Sobi

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Bucket List Blog Hop

And in conjunction with the Bucket List Blog Hop hosted by The Mama Diaries, here's my little list of things I'd like to accomplish and places I want to visit. I've been lucky to realise many dreams over the past few years (attending the Cannes Film Festival and Sitges Film Festival, publishing several books, making movies) and I'd be a happy girl if I can do these things over and over again. Otherwise, here's what I'd like to add:

1) Visit as much haunted attractions as possible during a USA road trip;
2) Go on a safari (I'll be going to Gambia in two weeks and I'm secretely hoping that a safari is included in the press trip);
3) Publish the three books I'm working on at the moment;
4) Returning to Molyvos;