Cat from Cannes {France}

window cat france
blinking cat

I'm currently in Cannes, France, where I'm staying in the apartment building Les pins d'Alep. This kitty greets me every evening when I come home from the film festival. Be sure to visit him too if you're here.

P.S. Have you seen this mime with cats from Cannes?

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Cat from Fairplay {USA}

pet supply store pictures
pet supply store images
giant gray cat
cats with jobs

If you're ever in Fairplay, Colorado, you should go to High Paws Pet Supplies so you can meet its resident feline: Andre the Giant Cat. "Within a month of us having him, people are coming in to see him and to visit," says the owner of High Paws Pet Supplies. Since the store adopted this 25-pound cat, pet adoptions have skyrocketed.

Source: Denver Post and LoveMeow

heartwarming cat stories

Cat from Paris {France}

notre dame de paris

In the book Chats autour du monde by Gilles Dusouchet, I found this picture of a Siamese cat at the quay of the river Seine, enjoying a magnificent view on the Notre Dame de Paris. An example of French Gothic architecture, this Catholic cathedral is one of the biggest and most famous in the world. If you climb the 387 steps, you'll see the cathedral's famous gargoyles up close and have a panoramic view over Paris.

See more pictures of the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral here.

P.S. Have you seen the 2010 French film A Cat in Paris (Une vie de chat)? It was nominated for the Academy Award for best animated feature and is about a cat who assists a burglar in his late-night heists, taking it to the Notre-Dame de Paris and other famous places in Paris.

a cat in paris

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