Cat from Mystras {Greece}

Mystras cats

Mystras in southern Greece is one of the last Byzantine enclaves and also the home to a few dozen cats, most of them living near the convent of Pantanassas. 
 Cat picture by: Juan Carlos Gutierrez

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Cat from Cassis {France}

cassis france

This kitty was found meandering through the winding streets of Cassis, a picturesque coastal village in the south of France. Cassis is only twenty miles east of Marseille and very much worth a visit.
Cat picture by: Team Starnes

Cats from Saint-Gilles {Belgium}

cat café brussels
le chat touille
bar a chats bruxelles
cat cafe brussels le chat touille
bar a chats
cat cafe belgium
cat cafe saint-gilles
cat cafe

Belgium has just opened its first cat café: Le Chat Touille. Located in Saint-Gilles (part of Brussels), Le Chat Touille is home to five cats that were all adopted from the local shelter WAHF. Everyone can come in for free to cuddle the cats and eat/drink something in their company. It is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 12pm to 8pm.

I visited Le Chat Touille on Tuesday, and spent the entire afternoon with their cats Fripouille, Noël, Coca, Simba, and Chiquita. They are all very relaxed and are definitely enjoying their new life in the cat café. As Le Chat Touille is only a ten-minute-drive from where I live, I will certainly come back here to dine with a friend or to write. 

Have you ever been to a cat café? What’s your experience? 

PS. Have you seen our pictures of the Black Cat Café in Japan?

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