Cats from Capileira {Spain}

capileira hiking trail
capileira cats
capileira andalucia
capileira hiking
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clowder of kittens
cute kitten spain

The Lonely Planet Andalucia Travel Guide describes Capileira as “a different kind of white village, clinging to a steep-sided valley in Las Alpujarras where crafts are hewn and hikers strike out for the Sierra Nevada.” The balmy climate in this mountainous region turns the grass dry. Lizards skitter between boulders and cairns. A clowder of newborn kittens seeks refuge in the shadows. Tourists follow the famous Capileira hiking trail to enjoy the best views of the Sierra Nevada mountains and villages. No wonder this is considered one of the world's great hiking destinations. Life is slow here in Capileira. Life is good.
Cat pictures submitted by: Claudia Mannes

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Cat from Paris {France}

louvre paris france

Kris Dewitte is one of Belgium's most famous photographers. He worked as a set photographer on many international films, but is mainly known for his portraits of Hollywood celebrities. In his spare time, however, he loves to photograph the real stars of this world: cats. His latest subject was this kitty near the Louvre in Paris, France.

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Cat from Reigny {France}

reigny abbey
reigny abbey
reigny abbey
reigny abbey

Travel bloggers Myriam Thys and Werner Gladines from Far Away at Home visited the Abbey of Reigny in Burgundy, France, and found this kitty roaming the premises. Guests of this Cistercian abbey turned hotel rave about the beautiful historic interiors and the comprehensive breakfast in the garden. Just outside of Reigny are some of the greatest vineyards in the world.

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